The traditional products

The grafted vines by Vitis Rauscedo are the result of a careful management of the production chain and total product traceability, from the gathering of each single scion to their plantation as dormant grafted vines in the clients’ vineyards. Over the past 15 years, through a significant clonal selection program, Vitis Rauscedo has constituted more than 80 clones of native Italian and international varieties.

Since ever, besides the exclusive materials of Vitis Rauscedo and a wide range of the best clones available on the market, scions deriving from private selections are grafted with the utmost professionalism.

To meet the needs of its customers, in addition to traditional grafted vines, Vitis Rauscedo produces high grafted vines of about 80 cm, so-called «barbatelloni», and potted grafted vines.

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The handcrafted quality of knife coupling

The grafted vines VITIS ALFA® are grafted with the whip and tongue technique and represent the crown jewel of Vitis Rauscedo’s production.
The knife coupling technique, carried out manually, allows a better welding of the grafting point thanks to the wide and close contact between the cambium of the scion and the rootstock.

Besides the optimal quality of the wood, the crucial condition for the success of the VITIS ALFA® grafting technique is the homogeneity of the diameter of the scion and the rootstock. With this manual procedure, the grafter performs about 2.000 grafts per day compared to the over 8.000 ones performed mechanically, which makes his work extremely accurate. In collaboration with several research institutes, Vitis Rauscedo annually promotes a study to evaluate in time the evolution of the different grafting methods on multiple varieties, from the nursery to the vineyard.

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The certified organic grafted vine.

Years of experimentation have allowed to develop increasingly efficient and environmentally friendly production techniques, contributing to the birth of the certified organic grafted vine VITIS BIO®.

An ambitious task aimed at the development of a sustainable nursery supply chain for the protection of the agricultural environment, the improvement of the technical-sanitary quality of the grafted vines and the sensible and efficient use of the productive resources. A mission that follows the strictest quality and health standards in compliance with the guidelines for organic agriculture.

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The grafted vine plant in a pot with a two-year-history.

VITIS POT®, namely a grafted vine grown a whole year in a large pot, is the ideal solution for plant substitution in the vineyard thanks to the strong and significant roots which, beyond guaranteeing a good rooting in the field and reducing the competition with other vines, ensure greater resistance to drought, lower agricultural growing costs and an anticipated productivity.

The VITIS POT® technique is used to favour the best root development of the grafted vines grown in pots, in order to facilitate, even in difficult conditions, the rooting and the future vegetative development in the vineyard.

Technical sheet